Packers RB Eddie Lacy Says He Will Get a Haircut After Being Tackled by His Hair

(CNN) After shedding some weight during the off season, Green Bay Packers running back Eddie Lacy learned Friday that he would be better off losing a little more.

Not more pounds—just some hair.

Midway through the first quarter of Friday's preseason game against the San Francisco 49ers, Lacy picked up 21 yards on a carry before being taken to the ground.

It was not your typical tackle, however. Niners linebacker Gerald Hodges grabbed hold of the Packers running back's dreadlocks to help bring down the ball-carrier.


"It definitely hurts," Lacy said, per Ryan Wood of USA Today Network-Wisconsin. "The first thought in my mind was a word I can't really say."

While he probably felt some pain in his head, the 26-year-old Packer had other concerns in mind.

"For my legs," he said. "They're important. Because that's how most guys hurt their knees, because you get pulled from the back. Which is why the horse-collar rule thing [exists]. So luckily, that didn't happen."

Lacy noted he was "debating" a haircut, given that he doesn't want to experience that kind of tackle ever again. Some wondered just how much of his hair he'd get rid of. On Sunday, he clarified his plans:

There have been players, such as former Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polamalu, who have taken the field with long hair. But there is no rule that prevents other players from making tackles by the hair. That forces the individual to decide whether or not growing the flow is worth the risk.

Lacy has made that decision. Based on personal experience, he came to the conclusion that hair isn't worth risking an injury.

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