Packers players shave facial hair to promote prostate cancer awareness

NOW: Packers players shave facial hair to promote prostate cancer awareness

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Some members of the Green Bay Packers family got a close shave Monday morning. 

Current Packers wide receiver Jeff Janis and former Packers running back Dorsey Levens showed up at Froedtert Hospital for an event designed to raise awareness about prostate cancer. 

After Monday's shave, Janis and Levens will grow out their facial hair as part of the Green, Gold, and Growing campaign. Levens and Davante Adams participated in the event in 2016. 

"I'm a little more worried about Jeff than I was Davante. Y'know Davante's just getting out of puberty he's still kind of fresh and it wasn't a lot of facial hair. Jeff looks like Yukon Jack so this may be an issue," says Levens. 

The public is encouraged to help raise awareness about the importance of early detection of prostate cancer by growing out their own facial hair, taking photos of themselves and sharing them on Facebook at Green, Gold and Growing, or on Twitter #GrowYourSupport. People who prefer not to or are unable to grow facial hair will be encouraged to submit individual or group photos showing their “fake” beards, mustaches and other facial hair. At the end of the campaign, one submission will be randomly selected with the winner receiving a chance to meet a star Green Bay player at a private experience later in the season.

One in seven men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime. If detected early, it's one of the most treatable forms of the disease.

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