Packers Prepare to Take on Cowboys

Eddie Lacy confirmed what had been reported for several days, he missed curfew in Detroit and saw his playing time cut against the lions as a result.

But Lacy, Mike McCarthy and the Packers are moving on.

Coach Mike McCarthy likes to emphasize the run and stopping the run during this time of year. It's the third phase for the Packers and it's the playoff push as the Packers prepare or their match-up with the Dallas Cowboys.

The Packers are 8-4 and the Cowboys are 4-8, but each team in the middle of their respective divisional races.

Aaron Rodgers said whether they have to run the ball or pass the ball, even being consistent inconsistent, they have a job to get done.

"This year, as opposed to other years, we're continuing to establish our identity throughout the year. We've been trying to find that balance on offense and guys pick up the slack. We've had a lot of injuries at our skill positions. This has made it tough to get that consistency going. We gotta get our guys back, we gotta build off the good things we did in the second half last week," Rodgers said.

The Packers are preparing for a Cowboys team without their starting Quarterback and Burlington native Tony Romo but these Packers have lost their last two games at Lambeau Field although they've won their last four games against the Cowboys including last year's win in the postseason. 

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