Packers on the Bottom of Odds to Win Super Bowl 50

(CBSSports) With less than a month until Super Bowl 50 (Sunday, Feb. 7 on CBS!) takes over San Francisco, the NFL's down to just eight potential champions.

The odds for who will hoist the Lombardi Trophy didn't change dramatically after Wild Card Weekend, but it was surprising to see the Packers still relatively undervalued.

Aaron Rodgers got hot, the Packers protected him well after the first quarter and the defense looked capable of taking down just about anyone.

1. Cardinals (3-1, Previously 9-2): We haven't seen Bruce Arians and Carson Palmerunleash this offense in the postseason, but we have seen them unleash it on the Packers already this year. Arizona feels like the most dangerous and explosive team in the playoffs. They're slotted correctly.

2. Patriots (4-1, Previously 9-2): What is going on with the Pats' divisional-round line? They're just five-point favorites at home after two weeks off and Julian Edelmanjoining Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski in the lineup. Vegas is begging people to take the Pats and that feelsweird.

3. Panthers (4-1, Previously 9-2): Panthers got hosed by the Vikings and Blair Walsh too, drawing the short straw as a result of Seattle stealing a victory in Minnesota. Carolina's got a chip on its shoulder still, but this is just going to be a tough battle between two similar teams. It's not going to be easy for anyone.

4. Broncos (5-1, Previously 6-1): It all comes down to Peyton Manning. The defense is fantastic, but the Steelers are going to score. If Manning plays well this could become a well-rounded "sleeper" (they're the No. 1 seed!) to win it all. He only needs three good games.

5. Seahawks (6-1, Previously 5-1): Such a dangerous playoff team. Marshawn Lynch couldbe back but maybe it doesn't matter? Russell Wilson's been really good for about nine games, even if he wasn't great in a sub-zero game. He's 3-0 as a starter in Charlotte against the Panthers.

6. Chiefs (10-1, Previously 25-1): No one saw their odds increase as much as KC after a dominant performance by Justin HoustonTamba Hali and Dontari Poe. They're a scary matchup for the Patriots because of the New England offensive line issues.

7. Steelers (12-1, Previously 8-1): Ben Roethlisberger has a busted AC joint and torn ligaments in his throwing shoulder, which is somehow only going to make him stronger.Antonio Brown is the big concern for the Steelers if they want to score against a dangerous defense.

8. Packers (18-1, Previously 30-1): Surprising to see them so low after Rodgers turned things on in the second quarter and looked like his normal self. It probably has to do with the opponent -- the Redskins had a great season but aren't nearly as scary as the rest of the defenses remaining. These odds will dry up if Rodgers beats the Cards.

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