Packers games bring in business

The Green Bay Packer game means big business for a lot of local sports bars. They know when the home team is playing, its going to be a money-making day.

Upper 90 is just one of many sports bars who benefited from Sunday's game.

Fans, food and football are the three ingredients for a busy day at any sports bar. The crowd brings in more than their team spirit.

Dan Moore is the general manager of Upper 90 in Milwaukee.

\"It wouldn't be outlandish to say it could be tens of thousands of dollars that would be brought in just by three playoff games,\" said Moore.

Packer fan Priya Luthra proves his point.

\"If they weren't in the playoffs, I'd probably be at home watching a game,\" said Luthra.

Moore knows there are many just like her, so he does what he can to encourage them to come here.

\"I'm actually a Lions fan, but this is really good for business. I have to play the part,\" said Moore as he showed off his Packer jersey.

He wins when the Packers do.

\"The financial gain is absolutely tremendous,\" said Moore.

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