Packers Fans: Better to stay in or go out?

The Packers game is two days away but the competitive spirit is already in the air. The debate is about where is the best place to \"be in position\" to watch the game.

Some are \"die-hards\" about watching the game out, like Jeff Weger who is always at Kelly's Bleachers.

Jeff Weger says, \"I love the comradery and atmosphere.\"

Ryan Perrigoue is team \"go out\" for the game, but not by choice. He will be bartending the game. Ryan Perrigoue says, \"Everybody is really friendly. It's just like watching the Packer game at Lambeau.\"

But people who prefer to stay at home are \"driving\" the competition. Wayne Oldenburg is avoiding the bars because, \"It's less crowded and the food is better at home.\"

Jason McHugh is such a loyal fan, he'll be watching in his home away from home, bright and early.

Jason McHugh says, \"I'm going to if there's a way to watch it at three in the morning from Shanghai China. I'm going to try to find an American bar or watch on the internet.\"

His wife on the other hand will be with her \"little cheerleaders\" at home.

Marissa McHugh says, \"It's hard to go out with kids so we'll just be home watching it there.\"

Whether going out or staying in, fans are all united by one thing-- their love of the Packers.

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