Packers fans gather at the Deer District as team wins against Vikings

NOW: Packers fans gather at the Deer District as team wins against Vikings

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Packers fans were excited to be back supporting their number one team.

Dozens packed the Deer District Sunday, Sept. 13, to watch the team win against the Minnesota Vikings.

One of those fans was Lindsey Concha. She was born into a Chicago Bears family, but now backs the green and gold.

“It was the first NFL game I ever went to, the Packers home game against the Bears, it was a lot of fun," Concha said.

Her boyfriend takes the credit.

“It was a no-brainer," Jonathan Petersen said.

Watching from Milwaukee, he’s still excited for the season, but says COVID-19 has changed the experience.

“It’s really weird because there are no fans there, obviously, so it’s going to affect home-field advantage and everything," he added.

Before kickoff, fans hurried to buy gear to make game day feel just right.

“It definitely helps when the teams are playing, when it is the season. It helps when they’re doing well, but Packer fans are Packer fans, they support their team all year long," said Amy Hunt, owner of the Green and Gold Zone.

“I always feel like Sunday’s ain’t the same without the Packers," fan Daniel Hansen said. “I almost have a heart attack watching the game. You know, you get so excited. I love the game.”

With that love, fans know that at any point COVID-19 could impact their Sunday plans.

But for many, safety comes first.

“Thinking about the players also, I want it done in the safest way possible. So, whatever the NFL is doing to keep it safe, I’m glad," Concha said.

The Packers will square off against the Detroit Lions next Sunday, Sept. 20.

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