Ozaukee County residents react to April snowfall

NOW: Ozaukee County residents react to April snowfall

OZAUKEE COUNTY, Wis. (CBS 58) -- "We've already seen robins, seen some cardinals," said Ron Volesky.

It was around 4:15 Wednesday when a group of robins hunkered down in a tree outside a McDonald's parking lot in Menomonee Falls. They would occasionally spread their wings to shake off the falling snowflakes. The bird is usually a sign a spring, and the red-bellied robin wasn't the only thing that tricked Wisconsinites.

"It was 70 degrees a couple days ago walking around in shorts and t-shirts. Now we've got to pull the mittens and gloves and hats back out," said Barb Heinen.

It usually takes Barb Heinen 30 minutes to get home. Her commute from Milwaukee to Port Washington during the snowy rush hour, it took an hour.

"Pretty slow, slow going, really slippery wet," said Heinen of the drive.

Most drivers knew it was going to snow, but the conditions took them by surprise.

"Icy. They’re getting mushy and slippery so I recommend people to be safe out there and drive a little slower," said Colton Kurth, who is from Oklahoma spent his first winter in Wisconsin. "Usually this time of month down south, down home, it's about 70, 80 degrees."

The Ozaukee County Highway Department said they spent the day as if it were spring: filling potholes and cutting down trees.

He says they had salt trucks filled up and ready to go. They would monitor the roads and listen for reports of slick spots before laying down salt.

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