Ozaukee County deputies attend 5-year-old's birthday party

NOW: Ozaukee County deputies attend 5-year-old’s birthday party

OZAUKEE COUNTY (CBS 58) -- For his fifth birthday, Ira Anderson wanted one gift.

"Our wish was that all the police officers and firefighters could attend that’s what he wanted," said his dad, Robin Anderson.

When the CBS 58 crew met him, he was wearing a police officer hat and had just received a t-shirt with a badge and his name on it.

He said he loves police officers and wants to be one someday because "they keep us safe."

"We raised him to be patriotic and a supporter of local law enforcement," said his dad.

Ira's mom said he saw the sheriff at an event where many police officers were. He invited the sheriff to his birthday party.

"He seemed extremely excited just when I pulled in the driveway," said Deputy James Ogren, "Then as the others pulled up, as there were a total of four of us there, the look on his face was priceless

"His jaw dropped, his eyes were wide and I don’t know if he let out a little bit of a shriek with the excitement he had," added Deputy Becky Ronan.

"His mom put it where most five year olds, their heroes are the football players and the baseball players and she said 'How neat is it that he thinks firefighters and police officers and the military are his heroes?'" said Ronan. 

Firefighters also stopped by his birthday party.

His heroes giving him a gift, that he'll remember for years -- and birthdays -- to come.

"He’s still talking about it, he’s talking about this next birthday," said his Mom Rochelle Anderson.

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