Owners of a Dog Laughed at an Injured Officer that Tried to Rescue their Dog from a Hot Car

A police officer in Sparta, Wisconsin injured himself when he tried to catch a dog that was left in a locked car at Walmart.

According to Sparta Police Department, on Friday, officers responded to Walmart for a complaint of a dog left in a vehicle.

Outside temperature at the time was over 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

The vehicle was locked, and that it was not running.

The officer was advised that announcements had been made by store personnel over the store’s public announcement system, in an attempt to have the owner return to their vehicle.

Officer waited approximately ten more minutes for the owner to return to the vehicle and the owner did not return.

The officer then broke one of the windows to gain entry to the vehicle.

As the officer tried to catch the dog the officer received several small cuts to his hand from the broken glass.

Officer did not require medical attention for the injuries.

A short time later the owners returned to their vehicle and promptly expressed their displeasure with law enforcement for breaking the window of their vehicle.

The owners were each issued a citation for Animal Cruelty, for leaving the dog in the car.

One of the owners laughed at injured officer and said “that’s what you get.”

Both parties were released from the scene after receiving their citations. 

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