Owner Responds After Four Vehicles Stolen from Manheim Milwaukee Auto Auction

RACINE COUNTY - A Jaguar and Cadillac SUV were both found crashed in Racine County early this morning. Police say the cars were stolen from an auto auction where two others were taken and are still missing. CBS 58 spoke with the business owner.

The manager at the auto auction says that his team is working closely with the Sheriff's Office to piece together how this break-in happened, and who did it. It was around 1:30 this morning that deputies responded to the break in. That's when they got the calls about two separate car accidents, involving a stolen Jaguar and a Cadillac SUV.

Break-ins are a problem that car dealerships in the area have come to know all too well. Since last summer, a number of dealerships in Racine County have been hit. Last July, there were four break-ins in the course of just 10 days. Officers in Mount Pleasant say that when it comes to protecting cars and dealerships, it's a joint effort between the business and the police department.

"It's not just the dealerships fault, you know. We're working with them to make sure that their alarms are working properly, making sure keys are locked up. For the longest time, it wasn't a problem to have keys on the inside, easy and convenient to grab," said Captain Smith.

CBS 58 spoke with several dealerships in the area who said that over the last few months, they've found new and creative ways to up their security measures. 

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