Police identify people injured, killed at Las Margaritas in Kenosha

NOW: Police identify people injured, killed at Las Margaritas in Kenosha

Updated: September 28, 2022 at 5:30 p.m.

KENOSHA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Police have confirmed the names of the victims. Houston R. Oliver is the name of the 33-year-old resident of Kenosha. James J. Alexander-Hood is the name of the 35-year-old resident of Racine. Both were killed in the shooting.

Police say two other victims were shot. They were taken to a hospital and treated for non-life threatening injuries. They have been released from the hospital.

This is an ongoing investigation.

KENOSHA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- The Kenosha Police Department is investigating a scene where four people were shot, two fatally, at Las Margaritas near 23rd Ave. and Roosevelt Rd., at around 2:00 a.m. on Sunday, Sept. 18. 

Neighbors who didn't want to go on camera Saturday morning said when things like what happened at Las Margaritas happen these days, they don't even bother calling 911 because they know someone probably already has, they say they just want the violence to stop.

"I decided I wasn't going to go out because of everything that's going on in the city," said Kenosha Native Mike.

Mike lives within an earshot of it all. He says he's glad he spent the night in.

"I heard police sirens and what I thought were gunshots, I thought I might've been tripping but I kept hearing sirens," said Mike.

That's when he came outside to the scene outside Las Margaritas, glass from the front door, now boarded up, on the sidewalk.

"I found out that a friend of mine was one of the people who got hurt, or killed I should say," said Mike.

Kenosha police are asking for anyone who knows anything to call them.

Mike said people are probably too afraid of retaliation to talk to police if they know anything.

"I feel like maybe you used to be able to do that and be okay," said Mike, implying that time has passed.

He said now, he just wants to try and show solidarity to the friend he lost, he hopes there's a way to help change things in the future.

"Just showing that I care, and I love my city, we as young people need to come together and try and make a change," said Mike.
Kenosha police are still investigating what happened here last night.

Officers in the area say they heard the shots and multiple 911 calls were received. Police say that two victims remain hospitalized. According to KPD, specific victim information is not being released at this time.

Kenosha police say the investigation is very active and ongoing and at this time no suspects are in custody.

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