Outside Workers Brace For More Icy Cold Weather

There are some people whose job doesn't stop during ice cold snaps. Bicycle couriers are out, no matter the weather, even if it's below zero or snowing. As long as they dress in layers, they say they can get by, even though it may not be their ideal weather.

"Sixty degrees and no wind," that's Brennan Kreiman, one of the bike couriers for Forward Courier in Milwaukee. 

When Kreiman does his job, he said it's about being prepared and dressing in layers.

"The key is like three for the main area, you're under layer, wool and then a windbreaker," he said.

They're job is making all sorts of food deliveries to different parts of Milwaukee in all sorts of weather. And like any job, there are occupational hazards.

"For me, it's mistaking ice for water, um, I've done it, it's not good," said Heather Sewrey.

It's cold enough to make ice cream outside if you wanted to. It's just about as cold as it is inside the freezers at Purple Door Ice Cream in Milwaukee's Third Ward. Ice cream and winter may not be synonymous, but it's comfort food for Nathaniel Almaria.

"It's finals week, and you kinda need something to de-stress, you gotta stress-eat, and ice cream's always good," Almaria said.

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