‘Doesn’t seem to be fair:’ Bars allowed to reopen in some parts of Wisconsin, while others must wait

NOW: ‘Doesn’t seem to be fair:’ Bars allowed to reopen in some parts of Wisconsin, while others must wait

WISCONSIN (CBS 58) -- Many bars and restaurants in Wisconsin are back open this week.

But depending on where they are, not all have been given the green light.

Location, location, location.

That’s what matters if you’re looking for a bar or restaurant that’s open Thursday night.

“(It) just doesn’t seem to be fair," said Bill Potocic, owner of State Fair Inn.

His business is not one of those places.

The bar is in Milwaukee County where 18 municipalities, including West Allis, have issued their own ‘safe-at-home’ order.

“It’s unfortunate that we’re all being treated the same way, because we’re not all under the same conditions.”

Less than five miles away, the lights are on in Waukesha County. 

The Cleveland Pub and Grill in New Berlin is open to customers.

General Manager Kate Roots says the pub is closely following health guidelines.

“By offering things like spaced-out seating, disposable cups and silverware just to make sure that they feel safe coming in here," said Cleveland Pub and Grill General Manager Kate Roots.

"If people don’t feel safe, we don’t recommend coming in. You have to do what’s best for you," she added.

Though Cleveland is open, Roots said the pub is part of a group of six bars with businesses that must stay closed.

Two of them are in Milwaukee County, where dine-in customers aren’t allowed.

“We don’t want to get sick either so we’re not going to fill the place up," Potocic said.

In West Allis, he supports reopening, even with restrictions.

State Fair Inn recently started offering carry-out, but Potocic said it’s not the same.

“Our customers are friends," he said.

For a breakdown of which counties and municipalities are open, and which are not click here.

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