Other companies are now stepping in to help Window Select customers

NOW: Other companies are now stepping in to help Window Select customers

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) --- Customers of Menomonee Falls window company, Window Select, continue to complain about unfulfilled orders. Now, other area window companies are stepping in to try to help those with unfinished projects.

Many Window Select customers tell CBS 58 they're still trying to cancel their orders and get out of their contracts after waiting months for their windows. Some have even gotten lawyers involved but that still leaves many of them with unfinished projects.

Abby Binder, owner of Abby Windows and Exteriors, has been in the window business for 13 years. She says she's been following all the updates about the Window Select complaints.

"It's a very tight, niche market where you hear from other contractors and such, so as I started hearing more and more and obviously when CBS 58 broke the news, I was not surprised at all," said Binder.

Since then, Binder says Window Select customers have reached out for help. "We've had a few reach out to us already, just that have gotten out of their contracts. I know some have tried and they have not had success," she said.

Binder says she is working with customers to try to get them what they need while they hash out their Window Select disputes.

Other companies are also hearing from Window Select customers. Windows Preferred in West Bend says they're already working with four former Window Select customers.

"What we're trying to do is go back in there, rehash something as long as they're not under any kind of contracts or anything like that and give them some sort of a major discount to be able to get their windows installed or even work with supplier where their windows are," said Jason Stendahl, owner of Total Restoration and Windows Preferred.

Both businesses say they can't promise they will be able to help every Window Select customer, but they say they feel terrible about how many have been impacted. "They save up money for so long for an investment into their home and then never to see it," said Stendahl.

"I felt awful that these people are stuck with -- obviously you get excited and write a big check for something that isn't coming through," said Binder.

Abby Windows and Windows Preferred say they will work with former Window Select customers on a case by case basis to get their projects done.

The Better Business Bureau of Wisconsin says consumers should always fully vet a company before choosing to work with them. Click here for tips to help you make your decision. DATCP also has resources here.

Complaints regarding Window Select continue to pour into the CBS 58 newsroom and the investigation into the company by the Brown County Sheriff's Office is still ongoing.

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