Oshkosh Corporation Lands Huge Defense Contract

After several years of slowdowns, a major Wisconsin company got some good news Tuesday.  The U.S. Army has awarded Oshkosh Corporation a $6.7 billion dollar contract to build its new line of Joint Light Tactical vehicles, or JTLVs.  This new line of vehicle is designed to place current Army Humvees and Oshkosh Corporation will produce 17,000 of them.  

Oshkosh Corporation, once known as Oshkosh Truck, is no stranger to large defense contracts, but in recent years, military cutbacks have forced the company to cut back as well.  In April of 2014, Oshkosh Corporation announced the layoff of 700 workers.  There has been no announcement yet about how the newly-awarded contract will affect jobs at the company.

Oshkosh Corp. expects to deliver its first JTLVs in ten months.

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