Organizers Prepare for Juneteenth celebration along with Milwaukee Police

Organizers of Juneteenth Day in Milwaukee along with police said they plan to have a safe and successful event Friday (June 19). The 44th annual celebration commemorates the end of slavery.

\"In the past, you've heard a lot of negative things about Juneteenth Day but let me tell you we've never had a shooting or a stabbing at Juneteenth Day,” said Mac Weddle, president of the Juneteenth Committee.

“We've had some things happen around the surrounding areas of Juneteenth Day. Juneteenth is a really good family event,\" he said.

Lt. Timothy Leitze said they plan to have around 100 police officers at the event throughout the day. Police work along with the event's security team and if anyone steps out of line, they will be forced out.

\"Since about 5 years ago we've had significant decrease in arrests and disorderly behavior and that's really a testament to the good working relationship we have with the Juneteenth Committee,\" Leitze said.

The event is a huge effort that brings the community together. They plan to have a health fair, job fair and more than 100 mentors.

\"The main message is that we come in unity and fellowship that we come as one, we come to enjoy ourselves, to learn, get as much information as we possibly can that's going to help each other and our community,\" Weddle said.

The parade kicks off at 19th and Atkinson at 10 a.m. Friday. The festivities go on until 6p.m. and everything is free.

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