Organization fights HIV transmission with heroin rates on the rise

With heroin use and needle sharing increasing, a local organization is fighting to keep HIV rates at bay.

Scott Stokes is creating awareness about the needle exchange program at the Aids Research Center of Wisconsin.

\"There have been studies to prove it hasn't encouraged injection drug use, but it does reduce HIV and hepatitis c.\"

They say the need is greater than ever. In 2010 their program exchanged one million needles. The numbers have now ttripled Last year they exchanged 3-million-needles.

Scott Stokes, Director of Prevention Services at Aids Research Center of Wisconsin says, \"When they finally do get off of drugs, and if they can get themselves into a treatment program, and they don't have hepatitis or HIV their treatment outcomes are better.\"

The Aids Research Center of Wisconsin is helping to keep HIV rates from spiking in the state with 15 drop off sites, and you can even call a van to come to you. They've also helped heroin users get treatment. For Stokes, it's the success stories that keep him going.

Stokes says, \"A lot of times that email will say, I made it through treatment and I'm clean now, I don't have HIV or hepatitis c now.\"

If you need to drop off needles, here is the organization to contact.  

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