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Opponents vow to continue fighting same-sex marriage

MADISON -- Wisconsin Family Action is a group that fights hard to oppose same-sex marriage. Its president says Monday's move by the U.S. Supreme Court is simply disappointing.

 \"We'll continue to promote, strengthen, and preserve marriage between one man and one woman because we know number one, it's the only kind of marriage there  is.\" said Julaine Appling. She is the outspoken voice on the other side of the same-sex marriage debate in Wisconsin.

She says same-sex couples getting married threatens and puts less value on the entire institution of marriage.


'You've basically said to everybody, your marriage is only what you want it to be. You can break it, you can walk out of your marriage, you don't have to worry about your kids, your wife, or your husband. You get to walk out of it.\" Appling said.

She also says seeing the images of happy same-sex couples getting married is not something people should be celebrating.


\"When I see these pictures, I have a profound sense of sadness for the state of Wisconsin. Particularly for the young people who are being told marriage is something that it's not.\"  said Appling


She says while she understands there's nothing left for the state to do legally to defend its same-sex marriage ban, she will continue doing what she has done for years.


\"No court decision influences our work on promoting this bedrock institution of a man and a woman being married.\" Appling said.



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