One on One: Za'Layia Jenkin's Mother Makes Plea to Find Daughter's Killer

One on One: Za’Layia Jenkin’s Mother Makes Plea to Find Daughter’s Killer

A mother - whose child was murdered by a stray bullet is begging the killer to come forward.

Destiny Boone has had the support of the community since her daughter Za'Layia Jenkins was murdered in May 2016. 

However, what she hasn't gotten is a confession from the killer, which has made this past year without her 10 year old girl that much more painful.

"Some days I am happy, most days I am angry. I am really angry. It's hard to see other people with their kids, and knowing that one of mine is missing," says Destiny Boone, Za'Layia Jenkin's mother.

Missing - and never coming back because of a bullet that found her inside this home on 15th and Meinecke on May 5th 2016.

"Her garden is right there, and I love being in the garden it makes me smile. But then when I turn, I am forced to see that horrible day and I relive it every night ," says Boone.

It was a day Destiny Boone remembers as being – nice before the tragedy. She had just gotten off of work - and went to pick up Za’Layia from her sister who lived upstairs.

"She had asked to go home because she couldn't go outside. She was like you know ma can we go home. And I was like yea not right now, just wait a second, and I always think what if I just took her home. Why didn't I just take her home. I hate myself for that. " says Boone.

"I was in my sisters room, and she was like mom can I give you your Mother's Day gift right now? And I was like Sure. I remember her taking it out of her book bag and was like "here" I gave her a hug and a kiss and I said thank you. Not knowing that would be the last conversation I would have with her," says Boone.

The last after having so many with a girl then 9 who she says was wise beyond her years.

"Za'Layia just brought so much energy in the room, she lit up the whole room. She was funny she would tell jokes She would make her sisters and brothers cereal in the morning. She would help them with their homework, teach them stuff. She was so different. Amazing energy. Her personality was not what you would expect a 9 year old's personality to be. When you met her you fell in love with her. When she would smile, it was the sun. It was the sunshine. I miss her there was nothing she couldn't do she was very protective of her sisters and brothers and her cousins. She was fearless at 9."

Protective until the day more than a dozen bullets came through the home, went through the window and struck Za’Layia as she was shielding her little cousin.

Za’Layia was in a coma almost two weeks and died one day before she was able to turn 10.

That day dozens came out and marched in the streets and even more as a horse drawn carriage carried her body to the cemetery.

Where her mother came this year to celebrate what would have been Za'Layia's 11th birthday.

"I have to come to the cemetery and look at the ground. I have my memories and pictures. Its just not enough. My house is just different without Za'Layia. It’s quiet. It's a different type of sound not having her there, I don't' have her, I can't lay on her and listen to her heartbeat, I can't expect for me to take a picture and her to jump in it because she was good at doing that. I don't have her, I don't get to see her go to prom, that's hard for me. Never see her get married," says Boone. 

Besides the fear that she may lose one of her other three children, Destiny says - she's dealt with anxiety, depression and guilt.

"Every day I am looking over my shoulder, I don't trust people. I think everybody is out to get me. I deal with anxiety. My life is different. And it's hard,"
says Boone.

However, Destiny say it’s love from family and friends who've helped her deal with this pain.

"I'm suffering, a piece of me dies every day and it hasn't gotten easy it seems to get harder,"

Boone hopes the killer, the accomplices or anyone brave enough to ditch the no snitch policy will find it in their hearts to tell police what they know.

"She could have been a doctor, or the president. She could have been somebody your kids would have looked up to if you have any. Not only have you robbed me, you robbed my family. We miss her, so much, please come forward please," says Destiny Boone to whoever killed her daughter.

If you have information about this crime, please call and report it to one of the numbers below. 

Milwaukee Police Department: 414-933-4444
WETIP Hotline AT 1-800-78-CRIME (1-800-782-7463)
Crime Stoppers National: 1-800-222-TIPS (8477)

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