One Day Cool Down Before Steady Heat Builds

NOW: One Day Cool Down Before Steady Heat Builds

It was a day of change yesterday with a back door cold front arriving during the afternoon. 

 But the heat was on down at the Deer District for a huge win so I don't think many even paid much attention to the lake breeze and cooler late day temps! Now we're enjoying a mild day coming with a fair amount of passing cloud cover, although we are expected to stay dry. Highs today are topping out in the lower to mid 70s, which is a little below average, as has been the case for much of July. Prior to that 88 high yesterday, only six other days were above normal on the high temperature: 
 That trend, my friends, is about to end. Warmer temps are expected back in the 80s already by tomorrow as a warm front approaches from the west.
 A handful of 90s also not out of the question, especially over the weekend. Check it out: 
 Long range forecasts also signal warm temps to continue through the end of the month. The Dog Days of Summer are back in the game!

I'm meteorologist Rebecca Schuld

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