On Your Mark, Get Set, Go...Time to Enjoy The Kentucky Derby

The 142nd "Run for The Roses" is late Saturday afternoon, and people are getting ready to party. One of the hot spots every year is The Iron Horse Hotel in downtown Milwaukee.  And you know everyone will be "derby dapper."  CBS58's Michael Schlesinger spent a little time at the hotel where the annual Kentucky Derby party will take place on Saturday from 3 to 6 pm.  While there, Michael learned how to make the perfect mint julep and got to spend some time with "Smokey."  The 18-year draft horse usually gives carriage rides, but he'll be at the party as well.

Of course, just as big, if not bigger, will be the fashion statements everyone will be making, especially with the hats.  Michael also paid a visit to Bay View's "Hen House" hat store.  It's the perfect place to go as you try to put an outfit together.  Next to this location is the "Brass Rooster."  It's specifically for men.  Kate and John Mclaughlin are a married couple, and they run both shops.  They say you should start with the hat and go from there.  There's also belief hats bring you luck when you're betting for your horse.  

If you're wanting to go to Saturday's Derby party at The Iron Horse Hotel just click on the attached link.  

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