Olive's Branches Day Helps To Spread Kindness

GREENFIELD - The Greenfield Fire Department was surprised with a special gesture yesterday. A woman had left cookies and a card at their door before they could stop and talk to her.

Inside the card was a note, "This random act of kindness was brought to you because of a special little girl - Olive who was born on this day 2 years ago and passed away 36 hours later. Her mother asked that each year on her birthday, we honor her with kindness. We also mourn the loss of your fellow law officers and the senseless acts of late. Your community thanks you for all you do.#‎OlivesBranches"

Yesterday, social media was flooded with posts of random acts of kindness done not only in the Milwaukee area but all across the country, as well. People dropped off donations to local hospitals and food pantries, others left surprise gift cards for people to find, and some even paid for the groceries and meals of others. All of the events were documented online with the hashtag #OlivesBranches.

Greenfield Firefighters say that this is the second year that they received this amazing gesture done in Olive's memory.

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