Ohio teen brings great-grandmother to prom

ROCKFORD, OHIO -- 89-year-old Dolores Dennison of Ohio never went to her prom back in the 1940s. Her first high school prom experience came in 2014 when her great-grandson asked her to be his date.

Dennison told the Times Bulletin her great-grandson Austin Dennison called to invite her to his high school prom, and she eventually agreed to go. Dennison said, \"He was so sweet and adamant about it.\"

Austin  got the idea from his economics teacher's older brother who took his grandmother to prom. Austin remembered his Granny DD never went to prom leading him to pick up the phone and invite her.

Austin danced with his grandmother to Frank Sinatra's \"Delores\", a song her late husband used to sing to her. The other couples gave them a standing ovation.

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