October snowfall gives area drivers a wake-up call

NOW: October snowfall gives area drivers a wake-up call

MILWAUKEE/RACINE COUNTY, Wis. (CBS 58) Snow crews across our area had a long day after hitting the road hours before the sun came up.

Drivers in Milwaukee and in Racine County say driving conditions started out rough Thursday morning, but as time progressed the roads cleared quite a bit.

”Yeah, it’s a little early for snow,” said Dean Hubrich of Mount Pleasant.

Thursday marked record-breaking snowfall for October, but the fact that it came early actually helped road crews clear off snow quicker.

”The pavement temperature is still relatively warm, which really helps with our operations in general,” said Julie Anderson, Racine County Public Works Director. “Had this same snow fallen into January or February, we would’ve had a really slippery mess.”

Drivers say Thursday morning brought dangerous driving conditions. 

By 7 p.m. Thursday, Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office reported 64 property damage only crashes, one personal injury crash and 39 disabled vehicle assists. 

”It was a little slippery, it was still dark and really wet, really slushy, my tires kind of spun around a little bit,” said Kyle Hoen of Milwaukee.

”Coming in through the back roads, it was snow covered, but you just have to take your time, you know,” said Hubrich.  

Racine County says all of their plow trucks are ready to go by Thanksgiving.  Since snow came early, Anderson says they were only able to send out 27 of their 40 total trucks.  

Milwaukee sent out 73.

Both areas stopped operations in the evening hours, but will continue watching conditions overnight.   

”Friday morning if there is any icing that happens overnight we will go out and apply some extra salt,” Anderson adds.

”I actually think they did fairly decent for how bad it was this morning,” said Dallas Prockl, who traveled into Milwaukee on Thursday.

”I just went in my car for the first time since the morning and the roads are a lot better,” Hoen adds.

The October snow gave area drivers a wake-up call.

”Like if you’re driving you have to get out and be cognizant of what’s going on,” said Prockl. “People are still adjusting.”

”You know, in a way I think this was a good inaugural snow event, because it reminds people winter’s back,” Anderson says.

Anderson says drivers should never assume the road is just wet, with temperatures dropping some areas with wet pavement can turn icy quickly.

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