Oak Creek Nearing Water Deal with Waukesha

NOW: Oak Creek Nearing Water Deal with Waukesha

Officials in Oak Creek and Waukesha say they are closing in an a water agreement.

The deal's framework is a 40 year contract, and Waukesha would pay Oak Creek just under $5 million per year. By 2023, Oak Creek would supply Waukesha with 6.5 million gallons of water per day.

Mike Sullivan, Oak Creek Water & Sewer Utility General Manager, said the deal would drop water prices for people living in Oak Creek.

Sullivan said, “Their water bill is projected to drop by 20 percent.”

The deal is not finalized yet, and likely won't be until July. Oak Creek's exclusive negotiation rights with Waukesha expire Thursday morning. 

Sullivan said he expects Milwaukee will make another attempt to win a water supply contract with Waukesha, but says he thinks Waukesha will choose Oak Creek.

Dan Duchniak, Waukesha Water Utility General Manager, all but closed the door on Milwaukee's chances. Tuesday, he told CBS 58, “It would have to be a pretty aggressive proposal for us to consider it [potential Milwaukee offer] at this point.”

Waukesha would not begin paying Oak Creek until water starts flowing to Waukesha, which is expected in 2023. Also, in the event Waukesha's diversion plan falls apart, Oak Creek would be reimbursed for any expenses.

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