Numerous counties in SE Wisconsin get F rating for air quality

The American Lung Association released a new air quality report Wednesday and things are not looking good in Southeastern Wisconsin.

Milwaukee, Kenosha, Ozaukee, and Sheboygan Counties all got an F.  

The city of Sheboygan made the list of top 25 least healthy cities in the country based on ozone.  

Fond du Lac County did the best with a B rating, but the report isn't all bad news.  

In the 18 years of recording, this year Milwaukee had the lowest average of unhealthy days.  

The Milwaukee Fire Department is launching a new program to help people keep track of the air quality. 

The flags are green, yellow, orange and red. 

Green is good quality and red is bad.

This new initiative by the fire department is meant to help people better plan their outdoor activities to keep themselves and their families healthy

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