Nowhere to turn after Racine adult daycare closes

 A money-losing adult daycare program, the only one of its kind in Racine County, closed its doors Friday, leaving dozens of seniors saddened and without a similar place to receive services and build friendships.

Hundreds of people with hundreds of different stories spent their days at Lincoln  Lutheran. 

Though the reason they show up is different they all agree on one thing-they are a family. 


 From the moment you walk off the elevator on the second floor you can tell the adult day care program is something great. 

\"He sees and develops so many other relationships with other people,\" said Sharon Ferris. Sharon is the primary caregiver for her brother Donald, who has dementia and the former teacher says though she can find ways to keep her brother occupied, the daycare activities stimulate his mind. and keep him safe.

 \"It's a respite for all of us and it keeps my brother occupied in a constructive way,\" she said. 

\"That socialization and physical activity-the adult daycare program allows them to slow down memory processes that are occurring,\" said Melissa Meiers, program director. 

Meiers says it also saves families money.

\"It allows them to stay at home and come here at an affordable price. It's a good alternative to other long term care solutions,\" she said. 

But come Monday these doors will no longer be open.

\"We're in a real quandary about what to do because there isn't any other place like this in Racine,\" said Ferris. 

And the problem hits veterans  especially hard.  

\"One-third of our patients are vets. There's no other facility like this in Racine or Kenosha. So they'll have to go out of the county,\" said Meiers. 

There were tears as the doors closed but everyone agrees the connections they made will last forever. 

\"We're a big family. It's a neat thing to be part of,\" said Meiers. 

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