"Now our angels got what they deserve:" family reacts after Patrick Fowler found guilty in stabbing deaths of mother and child

NOW: “Now our angels got what they deserve:“ family reacts after Patrick Fowler found guilty in stabbing deaths of mother and child

A verdict was reached this afternoon in the trial of Patrick Fowler. He's been found guilty of the murders of a mother and her child. After that verdict, 33-year-old Patrick Fowler had yet another outburst in the courtroom and was led away in chains. 

Fowler was found guilty on two counts of First Degree Intentional Homicide. In this case, described as "particularly disturbing" by prosecutors, the decision came in just after 2 p.m.

After Jurors rewatched Fowler's confession interview, Fowler's defense attempted to push the idea that the suspect had been coaxed into the confession, accusing another unknown person of being the killer.

That, however, did not win over the jurors especially in the face of so much evidence connecting him to the brutal stabbing deaths of his girlfriend Jessica Ellenberger and her daughter Madyson Marshel. The family said they finally feel some kind of closure. 

"Now our angels got what they deserve. He can rot in hell. Just the fact that he's finally going to get what's coming to him. He doesn't know, he took two people away from us. Well now let's take his life away from him because he deserves to get where he's going. It's a beautiful thing," said Annette Ellenberger, the victim's mother.

"And if that wasn't enough sickening detail, there was one other thing that was sickening in a different kind of way. And that was the spectacle of the child murderer sitting on the witness stand crying phony tears while giving phony testimony, and that god-awful moment when his attorney goes up there and hands him a tissue so he can wipe away his fake tears. Thank you for not vomiting," said Assistant District Attorney Michael Lonski. 

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