"Not a smart move:" 19-year-old now charged for firing BB gun on roof at Bayshore Town Center

Glendale, WIS. (CBS 58) -- A 19-year-old is now charged after with Disorderly Conduct, Use of a Dangerous Weapon after he fired off a BB gun at Bayshore Town Center.

According to the criminal complaint, officers were dispatched to the town center after multiple 911 calls reported that a man was standing on the parking deck/roof of Mongolian Grill, reportedly holding a semi-automatic handgun, and firing shots at a county bus.

Officers responded and located a man pointing what appeared to be a black semi-automatic firearm at a county bus. 

According to the complaint, several bystanders were running into stores, and occupants of the nearby Applebee's restaurant were ducking behind booths and under tables while employees secured the doors.

Officers advanced on the suspect, and he hid behind a ledge. Upon seeing police, Webb put his hands up and surrendered. he was taken into custody.

Officers recovered a .45 caliber replica 1911 BB gun, a bag of silver-colored BB's, and a receipt for the BB gun and BBs.

The defendant later admitted that what he was using it to fire at several aluminum cans he had arranged on the parking deck located above the Mongolian Grill.  He also admitted that doing this was not a smart move and that even up close the gun looks real and might have made people observing him believe he was “trying to kill somebody.”

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