Non-Profit 'Support The Troops' to send 10,000th care package

NOW: Non-Profit ’Support The Troops’ to send 10,000th care package

In Hartford, a group of volunteers are making sure U.S. soldiers overseas have what they need.

The operation started out in LeAnn Boudwine's living room.

"It started in my living room, then my kitchen, dining room, family room," said Boudwine.

Boudwine now runs Support The Troops - Hartford WI. With help, she send care packages to soldiers serving overseas. The volunteers are close to reaching a milestone of 10,000 boxes.

Two veterans and their families helped to fill boxes Monday night.

"Veterans are very special people; they see where the need is and they give back," said Boudwine.

Boudwine realized what soldiers needed most when her youngest son was deployed

"When my second son went overseas he was not on a base he was in the field and he literally told me you take what's in your back pockets sometimes for days."

Over 10 years ago, she started sending him care packages.

"I started asking family and friends when went grocery shopping pick up extra soup, shampoo, never thought I'd send 10,000 boxes," said Boudwine.

Now thousands of U.S. soldiers have received them all over the world.

"I've received calls from people at 4 in the morning not realizing there's a time difference to say hey are you the lady that sent me a care package," said Boudwine.

If you have a friend or family member currently serving overseas, Boudwine encourages you to send their address. Contact information is below.

100% of the money and items donated to Support The Troops has gone into the shipping or items in a care package.

At closing on Monday night, Boudwine and the volunteers were 30-some packages short of 10,000. They expect to pack the 10,000th box on Wednesday.

Donations are always welcome and accepted at 6 local locations: Scoop Deville, Faith and Giggles, Pack and Ship and More, First National Bank in Hartford, and multiple Associated Bank branches

Find the addresses to those locations here:

Contact information for Support The Troops is listed below and can also be found at:

Support the Troops WI

6087 Hwy 60

Hartford, WI 53027

Phone: 262-670-6225

Mobile: 262-853-6225

Email: [email protected]

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