'No Justice, No Peace:' Protests continue for eighth day in Milwaukee

NOW: ’No Justice, No Peace:’ Protests continue for eighth day in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Protesters returned for an eighth day of protests Friday, June 5.

CBS 58 caught up with them at 3rd and National Friday afternoon, and protesters showed no signs of stopping.

The group first met at Humboldt Park and started heading north on Howell. It's part of the same group we tagged along with on Wednesday. 

They chant "No Justice, No Peace" and "Black Lives Matter," as they're led by a caravan of cars and a hype man accompanied by drums.

We spoke to a protester who has been at every protest he can, every day for the past eight days -- even shot at and tear gassed. 

He said he was afraid, but it doesn't compare to black people who fear for their lives every day.

"I'm definitely tired, but I think that my tired doesn't even compare to how tired African American people are from the oppression they experience as well as all people in America experience on a daily basis," said Jacob Miller.

Protesters said unity is key. They want their voices heard as a whole.

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