No Hip-Hop music allowed? Kenosha bar might lose cabaret license

NOW: No Hip-Hop music allowed? Kenosha bar might lose cabaret license

Business has been good for RedZone Sports Bar & Grill in Kenosha, but a recommendation from a city committee to deny a license that allows live music could change all that.

The bar, which caters to a diverse crowd opened about six months ago.

It currently has a temporary cabaret license permitting live entertainment, such as bands and DJs.

According to public records, some neighbors have a problem with the loud level of music, and have made several complaints.

“The building was vacant for four years,” said Duvall Coates, owner of RedZone. “When you got somebody coming in and they got high traffic volume, it’s gonna take some time to adjust to that.”

Coates said the real issue is the hip-hop music played.

“I just feel like for a long time, Kenosha has had this stigma, this cloud over it where they’re saying -- you can hear them in the council meetings asking you what kind of music are you gonna play.”

His attorney, Anthony Nudo agreed. “The DJs are primarily gonna play Hip-Hop music, which draws in a large African-American clientele and I think that’s really where it’s coming from."

CBS 58 reached out to several members of the License and Permit Committee, but they declined to comment. 

Nudo added he doesn’t think the bar is being treated fairly.

“I’ve never seen it before in my life,” he said. “I was a Kenosha alderman. I served on the License and Permit Committee, the same committee recommending denial of the RedZone’s cabaret license. I’ve never seen it before. We have no citations at RedZone. No infractions, no demerit points.”

Coates said if the license is revoked, it’ll impact his business. “It will affect my business a lot. It will affect my business a lot.”

A final vote takes place Wednesday, Jan. 23. 

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