Just One More Ministry, organizers to host 'STRIKE OUT HUNGER' charity event Sunday

BROOKFIELD, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Just One More Ministry (JOMM) and 16 partnering organizations are bowling to "STRIKE OUT HUNGER" Sunday, Dec. 5.

Sunday's charity event will take place from 4-6 p.m. at Bluemound Bowl in Brookfield and aims to bring a collection of local groups together to help further give back to the community.

Just One More Ministry, Inc. was founded in 2010 It is a private nonprofit organization that accepts donated food that would be otherwise thrown away from restaurants, caterers, fairs & festivals, and grocery stores and works to provide regular, nutritious meals for Milwaukee’s poor, using the “rescued food”.

The bowling fundraiser will feature community representatives from 16 of the charities that receive food from Just One More Ministries.

Organizers say that the goal of the event is to create community connections and to see which lane can knock down the most pins in an hour.

“This fundraiser will enable us to help facilitate networking opportunities for the organizations we assist while raising money for our community outreach into the food deserts of Milwaukee,” said JOMM's executive director Chris Capper.

Event sponsors represent the following lanes:

•Lane 1 - Love 4 Kids - youth programs

•Lane 2 - Cathedral Center - women & children's shelter

•Lane 3 - God Touch Milwaukee - drug & alcohol rehab

•Lane 4 - Providers Help - food for families

•Lane 5 - Missionary Currie - walk-in outreach for women & children

•Lane 6 - Building Together - community outreach

•Lane 7 - Reformation Church - neighborhood city church

•Lane 8 - Reformation Church - neighborhood city church

•Lane 9 - All Peoples Church - neighborhood city church

•Lane 10 - The Stone Soup - community lunches & events

•Lane 11 - JOMM Street Outreach - giving out food directly on the street

•Lane 12 - Hope Through Restoration - life skills transformation

•Lane 13 - Hephatha Church - neighborhood city church

•Lane 14 - Dry Hootch drug & alcohol recovery

•Lane 15 - Cross Lutheran - neighborhood city church

•Lane 16 - Transformation City Church - neighborhood city church

All proceeds will reportedly go to expand JOMM's community outreach in Milwaukee.

JOMM will reportedly move more than 4 million pounds of food directly to those in need throughout Greater Milwaukee.

For more information about Just One More Ministry, visit www.jomministry.org.

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