Newlyweds celebrating in Milwaukee have car full of gifts stolen

NOW: Newlyweds celebrating in Milwaukee have car full of gifts stolen

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Newlyweds celebrating in Milwaukee end up stranded after their car full of gifts is stolen but there might be a silver lining.

Bill and Cheryl Pulec were about to leave the Brewhouse Inn and Suites to drive back to Chicago the morning after their wedding. They were taking trips loading their car right out in front of the building. When they walked outside, the car was gone.

Bill and Cheryl had just gotten married on New Year's Eve in Milwaukee.

"Surrounded by friends and family. It went great. Lots of love by everyone and just so great to have all our family and friends there to celebrate with us."

Everything was great until that moment when they were loading the car. "Cheryl had just handed the keys off to me to load one of the final things and I walked out and the car was gone. At first I thought there was a mistake by the valet, you know they had to move it for some reason."

Within minutes, they realized their car was stolen.

The coup says most of the gifts they asked for were charity donations and they feel responsible for them.

"It's hard to have words for it. It's just, you know, our family and friends were so generous and to have all that taken away is just heartbreaking for us."

The Pulec's say the remote system is partly how the car was able to be stolen but it's also a reason they think they're getting it back.

"We actually have the keys for the car so the driver actually can't turn the car off and back on, so he can only go so far."

The Milwaukee Police Department says they don't have information on the suspect but they're still searching.

The hotel says they are fully cooperating with police and have no further comment.

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