New Zipper Merge Could Cause Backups

Your commute may hit a few snags with construction on the Zoo Interchange. There's a new zipper merge and closures that are going into effect.

The Department of Transportation says you may want to start planning a new route to work. Come this Friday a few closures are going into effect.

This Friday night the 894-bypass will close one lane. The right lane will be closed into late summer and early fall on the northbound lanes only. There will also be several ramp closures starting Friday including the Greenfield Avenue on ramp, and the ramps for Lincoln Avenue and National.

Highway 100 is a natural detour route because it's parallel to the stretch that's closed, but that area is well traveled and already backed up.

The DOT says bottom line, plan a decent amount of extra time.

Michael Pyritz with Wisconsin Department of Transportation says, "Once again be patient and in the merge area do follow the sign that's asking you to stay in that lane until it says merge here and then alternate with the person next to you and if you follow that it does go much smoother."

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