New program at UW School of Medicine expands treatment for substance abuse in rural Wisconsin areas

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- UW School of Medicine officials say a new program is starting to try and address the massive uptick in substance abuse, both opiates and alcohol, over the past few years -- and it's starting at a more rural level. 

The school received a $1 million grant to bring training programs to rural hospitals and clinics with help from the Wisconsin Hospital Association. 

Officials say this means recovery will no longer be limited to costly live-in facilities or urban centers. 

"But those aren't universally available, and sometimes timely access can be a challenge in areas with high demand, but the thing is there are a number of substance-related issues that can be addressed in primary care settings," said Professor Randall Brown, UW School of Medicine.

UW says it hopes to start seeing results quickly with virtual education happening now and more in person training planned over the next year. 

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