New mosquito-borne virus found in Florida

WISCONSIN (CBS 58) -- Another virus has joined the list of dangerous diseases affecting humans through mosquitos. 

The Keystone Virus causes inflammation of the brain that can be deadly. Little is known about it, although it is found in animals like white-tailed deer, raccoons, and squirrels. 

The virus started in Florida but has been found as far west as Texas. 

A local pest control company recommends being smart when it comes to protecting yourself from mosquitos. 

"Long pants, long sleeves, if you're a guy like me, you're probably going to want to wear a hat as well. Cover your skin so that mosquitos can't grab on and bite. Other things you might want to do is put on DEET. DEET will help repel it," said Alex Blahnik, Field Training Manager at Wil-Kil Pest Control. 

There is no current test, vaccine, or anti-viral treatment for the virus. The short and long-term effects the virus could have on humans still needs to be tested. 

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