New Marquette poll looks at residents beliefs on deadly force

A new Marquette Law School Poll has been released with 42% of Wisconsin and Illinois residents believe police are too willing to use deadly force. 
The poll was of the Chicago megacity region, from southeast Wisconsin through the Chicago area and into northwest Indiana, 
While 49% in Illinois and 50% in Wisconsin disagreed that police are too willing to use deadly force. 
Among African-Americans in Illinois, 68% said deadly force was used too much, as did 51% of Hispanics and 33% of whites. In Indiana 65% of African-Americans, 34% of Hispanics and 32%  of whites held that view. In Wisconsin 76% of African-Americans, 46%  of Hispanics and 36%  of whites said the police were too willing to use deadly force.  
Divisions over arrests follow a similar pattern. In Illinois, 61% of African-Americans, 52% of Hispanics and 35% of whites thought that there were too many arrests for minor offenses. In Indiana 62% of African-Americans, 39% of Hispanics and 35%  of whites agreed, while in Wisconsin it was 56% among African-Americans, 39% among Hispanics and 31% among whites. 
In Illinois 41% said the police arrest too many people for minor offenses, with 39 % in Indiana and 35% in Wisconsin agreeing. Forty-seven percent in Illinois, 52 percent in Indiana and 54% in Wisconsin said there were not too many such arrests. 
More than 90% in each state said they liked their neighborhood or liked it a lot, although seven to nine percent said they disliked it or disliked it a lot. Similarly, most respondents said they thought their neighborhood was either completely or pretty safe, while 14 to 19% said they were afraid to walk alone at night or never did.
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