New location for Lake Geneva "Ice Castles" but frozen fascination just the same

NOW: New location for Lake Geneva “Ice Castles“ but frozen fascination just the same

Lake Geneva (CBS 58)--It really is a Winter Wonderland in Lake Geneva as “Ice Castles” returns for another season. But instead of being downtown, the event has moved to the driving range of Geneva National Resort & Club off Highway 50 on Lake Como.

This winter attraction of thousands of icicles pieced together to form magical fountains, slides, and castles promises not to disappoint. It’s also one and a half times the size of last year’s display. Organizers say the new location only makes this a better experience.

“Ice Castles” officially opens at 4 pm on Friday.  It’s highly advised to make online reservations.  Most of the tickets are already sold out this weekend but a few are still available.  Click here to order them.

Also make sure to wear shoes with good traction. Baby carriages and wheelchairs aren’t allowed because of the icy, crunchy surface.

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