New indoor shooting range approved by Delafield Common Council

NOW: New indoor shooting range approved by Delafield Common Council

DELAFIELD, Wis. (CBS 58) -- More than 10 years after Delafield shut down an outdoor shooting range when a stray bullet hit a pregnant woman, the land left vacant could be making a return. 

A vote was taken by the Delafield Common Council Sunday night, Dec. 19, about next steps.

The idea of having a shooting range didn't sit well with some neighbors after the 2010 accident. But after a decade of legal battles, the courts mandated the city reissue the necessary permit, as long as safety was addressed. 

New ownership came in, and Monday night, the Common Council said yes.

An old sign along Maple Avenue is still standing, but not for long. The old Hartland Sportsmen's Club is becoming the Delafield Oaks Range.

"And I'm very happy because when I started this, I knew I was walking into a challenging situation," said Brian Dorow, Delafield Oaks Range prospective owner.

Dorow has an extensive background in law enforcement. He also started Waukesha County Technical College's range. 

Delafield Oaks is his vision.

"The building will be going out into the -- what I call the bowl, and that's going to the north," said Dorow.

Dorow gave us a tour of the 34-acre site, now with rampant weeds and tall grass.

"I said I will make it the safest indoor range. I'm gonna bury the indoor ranges below the surface. Not only will that enhance the highest level of safety, but it completely reduces the sound," Dorow said.

Dorow pitched the idea last summer. Since then, he's knocked on doors and answered questions, mostly about an uptick in traffic, sound and safety of an indoor range.

"Which will consist of an indoor pistol range, the only indoor rifle range in the state of Wisconsin that will be open to the public. Gun sales, ammunition, training, education, enrichment courses, equipment, and then we will have a clubhouse and reception area to do special events," said Dorow.

Mayor Kent Atwell had a positive reaction when it passed, telling us this has been lemons for the city for years, and now there is an opportunity to turn that into lemonade.

Anita Jackson's lived next door since 1990 and is glad Delafield Oaks will not have an outdoor range.

"I think that's kind of nice. There goes the lead factor, you know, that's no longer gonna be there. It's kind of nice to know that somebody's back there versus being just all empty and nobody monitoring anything going on," said Jackson.

"I want the neighbors to be members here someday. You know, I want the community to be very proud of this," said Dorow.

Along with the indoor range, a pavilion and reception area will serve food and alcohol to those who are done shooting for the day. 

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