New, healthy drink & food options are all around

NOW: New, healthy drink & food options are all around

West Allis (CBS 58)--Let's face it beer has helped put Milwaukee on the map . But now the Brew City is in the middle of a new healthy drink craze.  Today, both "ZYN" and "Brew City Booch" got a little air time during the morning news.  ZYN is considered to be the first Curcumin-infused drink filled with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents.  Kombucha is what's behind "Brew City Booch's" product. It's a  raw, living beverage rich with natural cultures and probiotics. So it's cheers to a new kind of brews!

I also spend some time with a health expert who gave some sound advice about packing healthy lunches under $10 for the kiddos going back to school.  Her advice is use simple items, like eggs, vegetables, and various proteins, such as quinoa and tofu.  From there, create a dish or sandwich.  But make sure you have input from your child.

Also, the experts say to stay away from sugary drinks, like soda.

Click on ZYN or Brew City Booch to learn more about these products.

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