New drop box for unused medications installed at Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The fight against opioid abuse was front and center at Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center in Milwaukee. 

Governor Tony Evers visited the hospital where they've just installed a new drop box for unused medications. 

The Governor was asked to comment on the last weekend in Milwaukee County when 14 possible overdose deaths were reported. 

"We have to prevent it from happening. And that deals with issues of mental health, making sure that our doctors and others are working together not to overprescribe. We can beat this, but we have to have an all hands on deck way to do it," said Gov. Tony Evers - D. 

There are four drug drop boxes at Aurora medical facilities. The goal is to keep those medications from being abused or from contaminating the water supply. 

A map of all drug take-back locations in Milwaukee County can be found at

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