Witnesses describe fatal shooting near Farwell and Kane

NOW: Witnesses describe fatal shooting near Farwell and Kane

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- CBS 58 has learned new details in the shooting death of Antwon Gibson earlier this month.

According to an affidavit, Gibson's body was found on a sidewalk next to a car near Farwell and Kane.

A witness outside the Pizza Shuttle restaurant told officers he heard two gunshots that night, then saw a heavyset man running from Gibson's body.

He says he saw the man fire another two shots back toward Gibson.

A second witness also heard the initial shots.

He saw two men running, one of them heavyset.

The witness says the heavyset man was carrying a large white bag.

He also says there was a third man who he saw in the passenger seat pushing Gibson from the driver seat out onto the sidewalk.

That man got into a second vehicle parked next to Gibson and drove away.

Police records show two bullets, two bullet fragments and a blood sample were taken from Gibson's car.

There were also a couple grams of marijuana.

The car Gibson was found next to was a rental. The woman whose name it was under said she let Gibson borrow it because he was her friend.

She told CBS 58 she knows nothing about the shooting.

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