New Details Released in Baby's Overdose Death

NOW: New Details Released in Baby’s Overdose Death

A Milwaukee mother could be charged with child neglect.

Police said her baby overdosed on liquid methadone.

It happened at a south side apartment near 51st and Plainfield.         

Court documents said 27 year old Courtney Starck admitted to buying a drug-filled syringe off the street on March 4.

Later that day, she said she found her almost two year old boy in the kitchen with it but didn't think he'd taken the drug.

It wasn't until Starck checked on him in bed that she noticed his pale skin and blue lips and called 9-1-1.

A neighbor tells us Starck seemed like a good mom, "The baby was limp, we could see his legs and that was about it. Oxygen tank was hooked up. She seemed to be a pretty responsible mother. She's got a child who's in a weird chair and she takes pretty good care of her, so I was shocked."

Starck could go to prison for 12-years if she's convicted on the charges against her.

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