New Detail: Maple Street Fire and Abuse Allegations

MILWAUKEE -- New details emerging in the case of a man arrested following a  house fire on Milwaukee's near southside.

The man, still unidentified, was arrested for child abuse after the Tuesday morning fire.

Police investigator's have not yet charged the 25 year old, but say that he abused at least one of the three children which stayed with him in the duplex on Maple street.

Today, neighbor's weighing in on the developments of his arrest, some going so far as to say the fire may have been a blessing in disguise.

No one was injured in the fire, but soon after the flames were extinguished, police took the man into custody on child abuse charges.

Meantime, police keeping tight-lipped on the case against the man, and the fate of the mother of the children which did not live with the man.

CBS 58 and sister station Telemundo Wisconsin have retrieved pictures which show what a friend says is proof that an 18 month old was physically abused. That friend also states that the mother of the children was also a victim of domestic violence.

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