New dessert trend hits Brady Street: Rolled ice cream

NOW: New dessert trend hits Brady Street: Rolled ice cream

The latest dessert trend rolled in to Milwaukee this week.

Fro Zone, located at 1320 East Brady Street, offers gourmet rolled ice cream. It’s an idea that orginated in Thailand.

Here’s how it works: the ice cream is actually frozen to order. A liquid base is poured on to a surface that is chilled to 13 or 14 degrees below zero, toppings are added and it is mixed together as it freezes.

 Mike Kaid, one of the owners of Fro Zone, first saw the concept in Instagram videos and decided to give it a try.

“[It took] like about six months of practice,” Kaid said. “Getting the right machinery, finding the right base and making the roll nice and look good too and taste good that's the main point.”

Kaid enlisted the help of his business partner, Ahsan Sikander Gondal, to get the shop up and running. It's the first place in Milwaukee to offer the rolled ice cream, and so far it’s a hit.

“We've sold out the first couple days so we had to close early unfortunately,” Kaid said.

But now the kinks are worked out and Kaid, Gondal and their other two employees, are up and running smoothly.

“It is so great,” said Stephanie Potter, who tried the cookies and cream flavor.

Another customer, Leah Schneck said, “I think it's some of the best ice cream I've ever had.”

The Fro Zone team says taste is priority but showmanship is important too.

“When they [customers] see like, ‘oh this is so cool,’ it's like oh my god they actually like it too, just like we enjoy doing it,” Gondal said.

“Half the experience is watching the show,” Kaid added. “Like everyone who comes records it, puts it on Snapchat.”

Fro Zone offers six flavors, each is $6.95 and includes unlimited toppings. Kaid says they will add more flavors in the future.

Right now the shop is doing a soft opening, but plans to have a grand opening later this summer. You can check out their Facebook page for more information.

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