New children's book 'What it Means to be a Team' inspired by Waukesha dance team injured in parade

NOW: New children’s book ’What it Means to be a Team’ inspired by Waukesha dance team injured in parade

WAUKESHA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- The author of the new children's book "What it Means to Be a Team," says the book was written for the girls on Waukesha's Xtreme Dance Team. It's the ninth book Gina Crawford has published. Crawford lives 700 miles away from Wisconsin in Alabama, but she was inspired to write the story after hearing about the parade attack. 

"My heart went out to them so much. I just thought, 'I wish there was something I could do,'" said Crawford. "I'm in Alabama, it's not like I can go take food to the hospital or anything." 

Members of the team were walking in the parade when an SUV barreled through it, injuring dozens. The dancers were among those injured. 

"It stayed on my mind, it was so terrible, so I found a couple of the dance mothers," said Crawford. 

She reached out to the girls' families and the dance coach to find out more about their friendship and what they do in their spare time, and then Crawford stepped up to help the best way she knew how, by writing a book for them. 

"The dedication page is for the Waukesha people," Crawford said, showing us the book.

Crawford also illustrated the book, and all of the drawing are a nod to the team as well. One page shows a bottle of glue.

"Completely inspired by one of the little girls," said Crawford. "One of the first things she said was just glue me back together." 

Crawford raised money to have the books printed, and all of the sales from the book, indefinitely, will be donated to the dance team families. She says the book is a universal theme of friendship that every little kid can relate to. 

"'We inspire those around us in good times and in bad. We are courageous and strong, and thankful and glad," reads one line in the book.

"And that's the little super hero,  because that's what they are," said Crawford. 

The book is available on Amazon. 

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