New Children's Book About Milwaukee Explores Diversity

A new book about Milwaukee addresses diversity in the city, specifically through its neighborhoods. Author and city blogger Adam Carr teamed up with non-profit SHARP Literacy to create the book. SHARP is an enrichment program currently serving students in 28 Milwaukee schools. 

"Explore MKE: Your Neighborhood, Our City" is SHARP's 13th book in the "We Love to Learn" series. It's Carr's first book. He worked with five groups of students at five different Milwaukee schools. 

Carr says he was “trying to capture their curiosity, some of the challenges they experience, some of their perceptions.”

The book tells the story of two children who experience Milwaukee very differently. In the end, the children overcome their differences and become friends. The two characters, Anya and Jayden, represent two dominant personalities Carr noticed in all five groups of students he worked with. Through their different perspectives, the story teaches students about Milwaukee’s diverse population, helps them gain a greater appreciation for cultural differences, and encourages acceptance.

“I feel really good about this book," said Carr. "I learned so much from the students."

The book also highlights some of Milwaukee's famous landmarks including the Mitchell Park Domes, Miller Park and the Milwaukee County Zoo. 

"We wanted to do something that truly represented the neighborhoods we’re in," said SHARP President, Lynda Kohler.

"While the major landmarks are awesome and great, we wanted to really get the students' ideas. We wanted to get what's important to them and what makes their neighborhood special, because that's what they see day in and day out." 

"Explore MKE: Your Neighborhood, Our City" is available for purchase on Amazon and on SHARP's website. The book is written in English and Spanish.

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