New Berlin's GMR Marketing deploys Super Bowl experience in Tampa

NOW: New Berlin’s GMR Marketing deploys Super Bowl experience in Tampa

NEW BERLIN, Wis. (CBS 58) -- The look, feel, and experience of Super Bowl LV -- whether you are at home or in Tampa Bay, Florida -- has a lot to do with work being done right here in southeast Wisconsin.

Maybe you didn't think about GMR Marketing at all while watching the big game, but they actually specialized in the experience of the Super Bowl. 

Usually that experience is for tens of thousands of people all week long, but this year with COVID, that ship sailed -- right into the harbor in Tampa Bay. 

"We’re still able to pull off probably one of the most visually stimulating and incredible Super Bowls yet," said GMR Marketing Executive Creative Director, Krista Hansen. 

A nightly Super Bowl pirate ship light and fireworks display made a splash in Tampa, and is part of the massive effort put on by GMR Marketing for its current client: the NFL. 

"It’s a really big responsibility. That crew is committed from the day one Super Bowl ends we’re looking at the next year and we hit the ground running as soon as its over," said Hansen. 

Another huge stage for the company is based in New Berlin, Wisconsin. 

“We are behind the scenes but that is probably one of the best parts of our agency. We activate at scale probably better than many other companies out there in the world. While we’re local and Milwaukee based, we’re doing things all over," Hansen said. 

Designing and implementing things worldwide that you may not know you know, but you definitely know. 

"Essentially anything that you’re seeing on camera," said Hansen. 

In Tampa it's the ship, the skyline, the hotels, and everything on the exterior of Raymond James Stadium. It's GMR's largest project in terms of square footage yet. 

"We have an incredibly talented experience design team supported by an agency that has done this for years and years," said Hansen. 

Thirty-four years of Super Bowls now, with 35 coming up next year in Los Angeles. 

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